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How To Make Your Home Better Place For Living

It is indeed the little things that add up to make a pretty picture. Just like how the little things such as the colour of the walls of your house go to make an impression on your personality and well-being. Therefore, a routine is crucial to maintain the vibe.

Start small by making the bed soon after waking up. Beds being a prominent feature in a bedroom, making the bed can assemble the perfect atmosphere even if the rest of the room is untidy.

Before leaving the room, bring the room back up to speed by keeping everything in place. Doing so would maintain the aesthetic when coming back to the room. Sparing just three minutes would go far in preserving the spirit.

Leaving objects of sentimental value, provided they’re of positive sentiments, of course, can better the experience.

If the apartment is rented, and the landlord doesn’t want the walls repainted, use posters and flatbed sheets of the unfitted kind to make it home without angering the landlord. Don’t worry, the flatbed sheets won’t disturb the walls underneath.

Having a lawn or a plant is something that must be considered as this brings in a touch of nature in the house. Make spaces along the edges of the rooms to create an indoor garden but make sure they get enough sunlight.  Waking up and spending time here would make it an excellent start to the day.

Do not clutter the house. Remove unnecessary objects and de-clutter by storing, donating or throwing away stuff that you do not need.

Keep the bathroom nice and tidy. If you have a bathtub, spending time in a hot bathtub won’t hurt after a long day and in fact, it’d help calm nerves. Personalize the bathroom by having pleasant paintings or a beautiful rug but make sure they don’t get wet.

Speaking of personalisation, make the home an extension of yourself by decorating the interiors in your ideas. Use the help of an interior decorator and share your views as to how you want the interiors to look like. Hang pictures of your loved ones on the walls after choosing the right colour walls.

Combined with the right colour, adequate lighting can impact the mood. Think bulbs for minimalism and candles when reading a book as they both provide a sense of safety.

These small hacks will go a long way in aiding you to adapt to a house, especially if you’d just moved in. After all, this is where you’ll seek solace and shelter for days to come.

Redoing My Home Decor

Prior to a recent renovation, the guest bathroom was a source of shame in our house for years. The mirror that was fixed onto the wall lackadaisically by the home builder had crashed onto the floor and shattered into a million pieces a few years ago, and we hadn’t been bothered to fix it. The small bathroom instantly was even more closed off without any mirrors to make it appear bigger. Then, there was a leak in one of the sinks that caused the carpet to need to be ripped out. Paired with the old linoleum flooring in the toilet portion of the bathroom, cracking sinks, and old baseboards, the merely 15-year-old bathroom needed major help.

Once guests were coming to stay at our home and appearances of the bathroom mattered (we could no longer simply rush someone past the shameful bathroom and towards a more presentable one in the house), it was clear we needed to roll up our sleeves and get to work. New, water-tight flooring replaced the yoga mat we stood on for years. I painstakingly hand-painted the cabinets white and added silver hardware, instantly updating the look. A new mirror was placed on the wall which instantly seemed to add square footage to the small room.


Light fixtures were updated, and new soap dispensers and counter decor took the space from horror-film set to a luxury spa feel in comparison. Due to a bit of hard work, quality products, and following inspirational photos, our guest bathroom is now a source of pride in our home instead of a source of shame! I find myself preferring to use this bathroom now, simply due to how bright and open it feels with the new additions. Taking the time to redecorate a part of your home can truly transform the space, and I have experience that first hand.

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Home Decorating Style Basics: Western Rugs

Imagine walking into a blank room, a room that has bare gray walls and simple tan tufted carpet. Overall, there is nothing exciting going on in that room, not even a little. There is no definition or character in that room whatsoever. However, if you take that same exact room and add color and hang art on the walls, it explodes with energy, right before you. This can have effects on your social life as well as your personal life.
If your residence has nothing that shows or displays who you are it gives people a reason to not spend time with you, at least at your place. Western decor can determine whether or not your friends or co-workers will accept your invite for “game night”. If you add a little flavor to your house or apartment it will attract people like flies to honey. But there is even more of a reason to decorate where you live.

The human brain is something that can be easily influenced by the things it perceives. Let’s say that you have a bad day at work, and it makes you angry, some colors can amplify that anger, while others can soothe you and even make you feel comfortable and happy. When you take different colors and place them next to each other, it can generate different feelings or urges. The colors red and yellow next to each other tend to make one have an appetite. Making your home the way you want it to be will increase mental stability and mental health for yourself.

Adding A Western Rug Really Improved the Look of My Home

Western-style decorations will add characteristic value to the room. Walking into a room that has nicely painted walls and hanged, framed art will attract people who will possibly end up being friends with you. Western decor is something that is incredibly important to your social life. For your own sake, be expressive of who you are and watch the benefits it has on your life as well as those who put themselves around you.

I became accustomed to how my friends and peers would respond when I welcomed them to my house for social gatherings. Enamored by its extravagant beauty and classic elegance, they were infatuated with the ornamentation and décor that to me was a customary aspect of my culture. Overwhelmed in awe, they could not help but always remark on the ornate cursive Arabic calligraphy on the walls or admiringly gawk at the myriad of prayer beads and mats lying around in ethnic tribal baskets and the ornamental western style vases on the vintage tables. Noticing all the diverse rooms, their eyes would drop, enthused over the western lamps, carved mask wall plaques, a western rug, and distinct western prints weaved on the accent pillows and wall borders. They would be infatuated with the ornamentation that to me was a customary aspect of my culture.

western rug

Every day, my extended family and I congregated for dinner, indulging in traditional foods from the Middle East and Kenya, including falafel and Ugali. To me, this was just my lifestyle. Yet, to my friends, it was an exotic culture, and they yearned to learn more. Referring to myself as the local guru on my culture, my classmates and inquisitive friends barraged me with inquiries about my faith and origins, such as why I dressed conservatively or why I fasted from sunrise to sunset for a whole month during Ramadan.

This all changed when I visited my mother’s homeland Kenya, a distinct, cultural experience, where my mother shared with me her endless reflections, contemplations, and memories. I realized, just how much I didn’t know or understand, and as I immersed myself into the culture and religion, a sense of pride and belonging welled inside of me. Walking down the crowded and grubby streets of Kenya, the beautiful and lyrical sound of the adhaan, or Islamic call to prayer, would be heard five times a day, and just like my mother had done in her childhood years, we would stop wherever we were and pray, prostrating on the ground. Congregating together for prayer sparked unity and created a strong sense of community in Kenya.

Returning to America, I felt a rekindled sense of pride and newfound patriotism, but through high school and time, I found myself confused with where I really fit in. Was I Kenyan Muslim, Muslim-American, or both? And as I accustomed myself back into the American culture at school, I felt my cultural identity as a Muslim fading away. Apprehensive about mixing my American lifestyle with the traditional Islamic culture I was brought up with, I struggled to maintain a constant identity and felt discomfited as I tried to intertwine myself in the two seemingly opposing cultures, but at least I could come home and enjoy my 8×10 western area rug.

However, as I continued to listen to my parents’ stories about their childhood struggles and adversities, I realized the opportunities America held for me that Kenya and the Middle East did not. This insight urged me to take advantage of the endless opportunities, strive to always do my best, and work industriously in school. Growing up in the rural, impecunious parts of Kenya, my mom had to endure a life of poverty, shame, and misfortune that she brought with her to America. Similarly, my father, who grew up in the Middle East, was beleaguered by seemingly insurmountable problems and was forced to provide for his family on his own. As my perspectives inevitably changed and as I became more open-minded, I found new pride in being culturally diverse, with a deep understanding of not only my faith, but that of others, and an appreciation for my community’s cultural diversity and my own bicultural identity.


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