It is indeed the little things that add up to make a pretty picture. Just like how the little things such as the colour of the walls of your house go to make an impression on your personality and well-being. Therefore, a routine is crucial to maintain the vibe.

Start small by making the bed soon after waking up. Beds being a prominent feature in a bedroom, making the bed can assemble the perfect atmosphere even if the rest of the room is untidy.

Before leaving the room, bring the room back up to speed by keeping everything in place. Doing so would maintain the aesthetic when coming back to the room. Sparing just three minutes would go far in preserving the spirit.

Leaving objects of sentimental value, provided they’re of positive sentiments, of course, can better the experience.

If the apartment is rented, and the landlord doesn’t want the walls repainted, use posters and flatbed sheets of the unfitted kind to make it home without angering the landlord. Don’t worry, the flatbed sheets won’t disturb the walls underneath.

Having a lawn or a plant is something that must be considered as this brings in a touch of nature in the house. Make spaces along the edges of the rooms to create an indoor garden but make sure they get enough sunlight.  Waking up and spending time here would make it an excellent start to the day.

Do not clutter the house. Remove unnecessary objects and de-clutter by storing, donating or throwing away stuff that you do not need.

Keep the bathroom nice and tidy. If you have a bathtub, spending time in a hot bathtub won’t hurt after a long day and in fact, it’d help calm nerves. Personalize the bathroom by having pleasant paintings or a beautiful rug but make sure they don’t get wet.

Speaking of personalisation, make the home an extension of yourself by decorating the interiors in your ideas. Use the help of an interior decorator and share your views as to how you want the interiors to look like. Hang pictures of your loved ones on the walls after choosing the right colour walls.

Combined with the right colour, adequate lighting can impact the mood. Think bulbs for minimalism and candles when reading a book as they both provide a sense of safety.

These small hacks will go a long way in aiding you to adapt to a house, especially if you’d just moved in. After all, this is where you’ll seek solace and shelter for days to come.